Better Reimbursements. Better Lifestyle.

  • If you are like most providers in the United States you have seen dramatic change in your business. As hospitals and insurance carriers have grown stronger, independent providers have seen a reduction in reimbursements and an increase in denials. This is especially true for facility providers as hospitals and insurance carriers effectively restrict both physician and patient medical choices such as where to conduct a procedure, which implants to utilize or what medicine to prescribe. Increasingly the hands of the physician are tied while many of their patients continue to invest in benefits that are ever more difficult to use. And yet, all this is happening at a time when patients have the power to choose their providers and you, as the chosen provider, have the power to determine what is medically necessary to properly treat that patient.

    You have undoubtedly invested heavily in your profession, your practice and your facilities and you deserve more. You deserve higher reimbursements and fewer denials. You have earned the right to have more control over how and where you practice medicine so your patients get the very best outcomes their benefits can provide. By reasserting control, you can reclaim balance and the lifestyle you once experienced or envisioned possible.

  • Contego has proven that utilizing a patient’s Out-of-Network (OON) benefits allows providers to provide what’s medically necessary and significantly increases revenue reimbursed through the patient’s insurance plan. This produces the very desired result of the provider practicing medicine properly and being fairly compensated for it. Contego makes that happen with our proven processes for managing the patient’s insurance plan and ensuring the insurance company follows the law and provides payment for provider services.

    The good news is Contego Solutions can work with you and your surgical facility to deliver higher reimbursements, revenue growth and more control over how you practice medicine and spend your time. Contego’s aim is to help providers help their patients to achieve the best possible outcomes by fully utilizing patients’ insurance benefits. We facilitate experiences of optimism and happiness thereby making a significant difference in peoples’ lives.

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