About Us

Our Mission

Our mission has two parts:

– To help providers deliver the best possible outcomes to their patients.

– To help patients effectively utilize their insurance benefits.

Our Vision

We restore optimism and satisfaction to the US healthcare marketplace, thereby making a significant difference in peoples’ lives.

Our Values

We achieve our vision by steadfast adherence to our values. In implementing claims strategies that allow providers to dispense necessary medical interventions while simultaneously ensuring patients receive maximum insurance benefit, our values guide our actions and describe our approach to business.

How do these values deliver the best strategies for our providers?

Leadership – We go out into the market and listen, observe and learn. We possess a national provider and patient healthcare view and focus on execution in the marketplace every day.

Collaboration – We leverage our collective genius through teamwork.

Integrity – We inspire healthy outcomes, provider opportunities, and fairness in effort and compensation.

Accountability – Because our offerings are unique in many ways, we are our biggest critic. We remain constructively discontent and are intrinsically motivated to improve daily. We evaluate outcomes and processes regularly to learn from our outcomes — what worked and what didn’t.

Passion – We are insatiably curious and detail-oriented in identifying challenges and crafting solutions. We research in detail, then act with decisiveness and urgency for our customers – either staying the course or changing as required.

Quality – What we do exactly, we do exactly well. Our aim is to work smart and to work hard.