Contego is solely focused on delivering better outcomes for providers, patients, the facilities and employees.  To do that effectively we must get to know your business, determine its core capabilities, identify opportunities, implement an efficient process and provide the services required to enhance outcomes.

The process and people have been a very significant revenue generator for my facility. Having tried to do the claims process by myself and with another company, I was hesitant to try Contego’s process. It works, it’s backed by the law, and allows me to practice medicine in the best interest of my patient.
Office-Based Surgery Physician/Owner

Every engagement starts with an in-depth look at your business that will lead to a recommended course of action.  Once we jointly agree to move forward, Contego will provide some or all of the following services:

Core Services

  • Clean Claim Submission – Compel insurance company to accept and properly adjudicate the legally structured claim. Timely. Complete. Accurate. Supported.
  • Claim Tracking – Know the status of every filed claim, ensure patient rights and benefits are protected.
  • Structured Appeal Submission – Precisely tailored appeals based upon insurance company denials or underpayments.

Other Services

  • Patient Benefits Analysis – Determine and recommend the best location for a procedure based on the patient’s insurance plan benefits.
  • Anti-Assignment Payment Recovery – Tracking and recovering payments made directly to patients.
  • Partner Offerings:
    • Durable Medical Equipment
      • Patient On-boarding to reduce provider/facility resource requirements
      • Enhanced Patient Outcomes
    • Implants and Biologics – Vetted products that will improve patient outcomes and increase revenue
  • Legal Assistance
  • Marketing Assistance – Focused on building a brand that drives the right referrals.
  • Business Development Assistance Focused on way to increase capacity (block-time) utilization and market expansion opportunities.