Optimized Reimbursements

We are a private insurance reimbursement expert that specializes in driving revenue for out-of-network providers.

  • Predictive modeling advances reimbursements
  • Highly effective deductible and co-ins management
  • Expert application of the claims and appeals process
  • Pinpointed utilization of legal resources

Contego mitigates risk through:

A command mastery of all aspects of federal and state law coupled with a highly analytical predictive approach allows providers to focus on delivery of care while Contego focuses on financial returns.

  • Rigorously ensuring compliance with federal and state law
  • Stellar patient education and advocacy
  • Continual engagement with top healthcare attorneys


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with one of our private reimbursement experts

    Client Spotlight

    Gotham Footcare Surgery Center: Overcoming Denials

    Contego knows what patients have access and legal rights to and have the resources to do facility billing. Contego models consistency, accuracy, and follow through as well as staff training. The process is seamless and, as a further benefit, Gotham’s denials have been drastically reduced.