Contego understands the reimbursement predicament that many providers face because our leaders faced the same challenges in the provider space before creating solutions to address them. Contego gets providers paid by:

  • Unlocking the value of the ASC as a revenue generator
  • Maximizing multiple revenue channels per medical event (deductible, claim, appeal, co-insurance)
  • Optimizing capacity utilization through pre-surgical plan and benefits analysis
  • Engaging employer plan administrators as fiduciaries in the process
  • Leveraging data to negotiate settlements with carriers


Average Reimbursements Tell the Provider Story

Contego drives revenue and mitigates risk for surgery center providers with our rigorous claims and appeals process, patient advocacy, data-driven solutions, and legal expertise. The data below provides the tale of the tape for our client surgery centers. Contego has not only raised our clients’ reimbursements for professional claims, we have also significantly raised average deductibles (without patient complaints), facility reimbursements, and facility appeals. 


Contego Is Aligned with Your Goals and Aspirations

We know how tough it is to go it alone in the current claims and appeals reimbursement environment. We understand, by experience, what it means to work harder each year for less revenue. Our goal is to bring you more for the work you do so you can provide more of the service you determine is medically necessary for optimal patient outcomes.